Ritual Interiors, the Kronbali shop

“A single simple object can be a mediating force between the old and new, between art and the details of everyday life.” 


Natural colored juju hats and Ife inspired bead heads. By Kronbali for Ritual Interiors.

Kronbali has now launched Ritual Interiors by Kronbali, our online shop dedicated to offer a unique blend of antique, vintage and contemporary home decor objects with a penchant for "ritual objects". 

Kronbali online shop called Ritual Interiors

We would be so happy to hear your feedback and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send us an email.
Kronbali Juju hats for Ritual Interiors

With the new shop comes a new instagram account @ritualinteriors and a new hashtag #ritualinteriorsbykronbali. We would be most honored if you showed us how you incorporate your purchased treasure into your home.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at kronbali@kronbali.com


Autumn Inspired Juju Hat Installation

A cluster of colourful juju hats. By Kronbali

 * Olive Green * Natural Brown * Orange * Peach *
As autumn settles in and all around nature turns golden orange, deep green, rust brown, 
I couldn't resist, I had to try out an autumn colored juju hat installation.
I worked with three sizes of juju hats and various tones of the same colors.

Close up of juju hat feathers. By kronbali

* Juju Hat Close Up *

A selection of vintage lassi cups from India. By Kronbali

 * Lassi Cups *

A very nice collection of Lassi cups, beautifully etched with delicate floral or graphic designs.
Perfect as a vase, paint brush or pen holder.

Natural feathered juju hat. By Kronbali

 * Standard Natural Brown & Wild Mix * 

olive green custom made juju hat. By Kronbali.

 * Standard Olive Green * 

Peach coloured juju hat. By Kronbali.

* Mini Peach *   

Cluster of autumn coloured juju hats. By Kronbali.

* Natural Brown * Cherry Pink * Peach *

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at kronbali@kronbali.com